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  • "Easy to use! Best Siddur! I use it all the time except Shabbat or Holidays. Keep up the good work guys!!"

  • "Awesome siddur, many kudos! This is a great siddur, thank you so much guys! I use this every day. This is a lifesaver. I go and see translations in so many languages... find out meanings of so many prayers that I was reading every day!!!"

  • "I found this because I was looking for something that was easy to use and navigate. I had tried two other apps but they were difficult to use... So after asking a friend who who recommended this I decided to give it a chance! I am happy that I did as this is pretty convenient and easy to use."

  • "This Siddur app is great! Packed full of features in a beautifully designed interface."

  • "Amazing Siddur with Russian transliteration. No other Siddur app compares!!"