About Sephardic Siddur App

Sephardic Siddur AppOur experience with many Sephardic Jewish congregations around the world have shown and proven sincere desire in Jews to learn and understand all orders of blessings and prayers. Even though there are many books containing various prayers, it often becomes very difficult for multi-lingual communities to find all necessary material combined translated and transliterated in native language. As result, people praying do not know exactly the orders of praying or their meaning.

With Sephardic Siddur App, our goal is for every Jew to be able to easily navigate throughout various prayers and blessings, and comfortably orient in any congregation, as well as learn and understand the order of prayers and respective meaning in native language. We hope that Sephardic Siddur App can help any Jew anywhere in the world get closer to Judaism spiritually with meaningful prayers, and truly know and experience the greatness of G-d’s commandments.

We thank everyone who have supported us every step in composing and releasing this applicatoin. We sincerely wish and pray that Sephardic Siddur app will be liked by its users, and hope we’ll be successful in releasing more mobile applications in the future on Jewish prayers and laws. May the knowledge of Torah always spread and multiple among the people of Israel, Amen!